Homeschool Roleplaying Game Club


NOTICE: We will NOT be meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Guardtower East
5939 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43213.

Email for more info.

News and Updates


We now have a group Discord.

Email to join.

Interested in learning how to paint miniatures?

Miniature tavern scene with wooden tables,
                                  kegs, bar, bar stools, shelves, tables, and
                                  a stone fireplace.

Nikki has generously offered to teach classes for $5 per student, per class!

Fridays from 1-3pm at The Guardtower East.

Games We're Playing

Call of Catthulhu

A fun cat RPG about cats trying to save the world.

Tails of Equestria

A My Little Pony (MLP) roleplaying game for everyone.

Dungeons & Dragons

The game that started it all! Dungeons, dragons, and more.

Flames of War

A World War II tabletop miniatures wargame.

About the Group

We are a homeschool group that started in October 2018. We like to play pen and paper roleplaying games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and many more.

The current age range of kids involved is 7-18. All ages are welcome.

We aim to be a safe space for secular, LGBTQIA+, and anti-racist gaming. We welcome people with all abilities and skill levels. We ask that everyone be considerate of all reading, writing, math, and social skill levels and be willing to help people read, write, and calculate as needed. We do not allow bullying, talking down to others, or making fun of others before, during, or after games.

Although we hope to game with homeschool kids, everyone is welcome to play games with us, including parents and children on break from school.

Games are FREE to play and all game materials will be provided.

For more information, questions, or concerns, please email


How much does it cost?

It's free. There's no obligation to purchase anything for the group or from The Guardtower East. All materials will be provided for use during the games including books, miniatures, dice, paper, and pencils. Provided materials need to be returned after the game.

Do we meet during school breaks?

Yes, we'll be doing this all year, including summer, winter and spring breaks.

Can we join at any time and/or only attend once in a while?

Yes. This is meant to be a general time and space for homeschoolers to play roleplaying games when they feel like it, so joining at any time is welcomed and expected.

Can I drop my kids off?

It's fine to drop off kids as needed. The Guardtower East is a retail store, so there's no childcare or other services to help care for kids. Usually, there's at least one parent present, but that may not always be the case and shouldn't be assumed.

Do we have to stay the whole time?

No. Feel free to stay 30 minutes or the full 2 hours. Whatever works best for you.

How long does a typcial game last?

That depends on the game. Dungeons and Dragons games can go on for multiple Friday sessions. Call of Catthulhu games, on the other hand, can be completed in one Friday session.

What if I don't know how to play roleplaying games?

That's not a problem. Come and learn! We're all learning to play together.

How will I know if others will show up?

The best way to know is to coordinate with another family to be present on the same day together. Some of us attend as often as possible and once you're in a game, the others in that game may let you know when they can't attend.

Is there a Facebook or page for the group?

No. These sites collect enough information from other sources. They don't need to know who attends this homeschool group. They also don't need to know the details of our attendance.

How many people are currently in the group?

There are usually between 4-6 families regularly attending. Usually, our group is the only group in the store at this time of day. It's a great space if you're looking for a low-key, calm environment to learn roleplaying games.

What can younger children do while siblings are playing?

Unfortunately, there's not much to do in the store other than to play games. There's also nothing for younger children to do nearby. So far, families have brought books, game systems, tablets, and board games to help keep the younger children entertained.

What do I need to prepare before attending?

Nothing. All you need to do is show up and be ready to play. We will have blank character sheets and pre-made characters for people to use as needed. We'll explain the rules. It can be helpful to become familiar with games you want to play, but it's not necessary. Also, if you want to play a specific custom character, then you may want to create it at home so you can spend your time with the group playing with it.

Do I have to play a game if I attend?

No. There are many other aspects to roleplaying games that can be explored. For instance, some people really enjoy the art involved with characters, monsters, and settings. Some people like to create characters, finding the details to be interesting and fun to think about. Feel free to come and share your art and characters with us! Create art and characters while others play. Sometimes, just being around other people playing roleplaying games can be inspiring.

What if I'm an experienced RPG gamer, will I still have fun?

Yes! All play styles and experience levels are welcome. Whether you like to dig into the details, tell wild stories, or just be on the team, you'll find what you like here. Experienced players can create their own campaigns and run them for the newer players.

General Game Play

One person in the group will run a game (game master) and the others will be the players. The game master and players sit around a table. Players will take turns verbally trying to solve challenges, finish quests, and accomplish other goals. These actions take place in the minds and imaginations of the players. The person running the game explains the setting and plays extra characters as needed for the story. Games can have between 3-5 players, so if more people are present, there's plenty of space to have multiple games.

Playing a Game

Playing a game usually requires one to be able to read and write on their character sheet. In most games, there can be a little bit of math, but usually it's addition and subtraction of small numbers so the person running the game can usually do the calculations if the player can't or doesn't want to.

Each player will get a character sheet that has information about the player's character that will help or hinder the character throughout the game. We usually have some pre-made characters for people to use, or if one prefers, one can create their own character. Players take turns describing what their character is doing and help the group dertermine the best path to take.

Running a Game

If one wants to run a game, one can show up on a Friday prepared to run a game and we'll either play the game on that day or schedule it for an upcoming Friday. Running a game requires more reading, writing, and math skills.

Game Content

Sometimes games involve characters in the story who die, and sometimes the player's character will die or get hurt in various ways. The level of detail is left to the person running a game. Getting stabbed, grabbed, shot, hit, cut, slashed, etc... is typical in most games.